all shade🔦
all shade🔦

I'm chrystelle, i'm 17 got suspended for hoarding urls whoops


Chrystelle just pronounced Givenchy the same way as “Da Vinci” ….. Gi Vinci…. Drag her


yea it’s a different word :-) all my whites let me say it

yea it’s a different word :-) all my whites let me say it

I hate that excuse of why you won’t date pocs that’s like “I only people with blonde hair… that’s a preference” like there isn’t pocs with hair colors another than black & brown

cracker is a racist term and not everyone is a "cracker" a cracker is someone that is a descent of slave owners in the south, it's very unproductive

shut up cracka

themano agreed


Eid Mubarak ^__^

Well you wouldn't date someone who's white so


I dont understand how its okay to generalize white people as a group when it's wrong to generalize any race. Not every white person is a racist and I'm not trying to start anything I just honestly don't get why this is okay? Equality Is for everyone

please stop I just woke up

If you had to choose, would you pick racism towards white people or reverse racism



Jason Derulo makes R&B music for white people