all shade🔦
all shade🔦

I'm chrystelle, i'm 17 got suspended for hoarding urls whoops

I’ll post 6 selfies when I dye my hair tomorrow stay tuned fa dat

white person: howdy n-
me: 👀
white person: -eighbor
me: Hello white
You don't fuck with white folks?

ask David Oomshi my white slave


I need $150 like right now where’s my mom

my mom is fake she would never

I have the opportunity to drag a girl for saying she has an afro (stick straight, thin hair, lack of follicles ass bitch). Should I take opportunity or let her weak ass live?

"you always miss 100% of the shots you dont take" - chrystelle

I need $150 like right now where’s my mom


revenge is therapeutic sometime you just gotta light somebody up to be at peace with the universe


Monday is the new sunday

I hate working but I love money 🙏