I'm chrystelle, i'm 17 got suspended for hoarding urls whoops
All this talk over a 15 yr old and you're 17... Like a 2 year difference. Probably a grade apart .

I don’t fuck with 15 years old like that though u see the difference this is giving me Rahila teas cuz Rahila was acting the same damn way and then two years later y’all were like “damn she was right” I don’t wanna hear this

Carrot top is actually a natural blonde what should her blonde nickname be???


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:-/ y’all are being messy on Easter Day :-/

literally cole and dylan sprouse are the exact opposite of problematic.

let’s see how long that lasts



if you have a bank account you shouldn’t be yelling at 15 year olds

What if I am 15, with a bank account?

nigga you still on your parents account shhhhhh….

antfucker98 needs to learn when to shut the fuck up and listen, this isnt about age, shes just being stubborn

think about it this way since y’all think it’s just “the internet” imagine if this was offline and y’all are basically just ganging up in a 15 year old girl y’all ain’t cool for that y’all makin it worst



support our troops

I want this posted on every web page ever created

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ew this is sad